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Secure Payment Solution

I use www.BlueSnap.Com for payment solution. They are a US-based e-commerce solution that supports small businesses. They work like PayPyal, which is not available in Pakistan for political reasons.

Please contact them to verify all the details about me:

My website, is registered with them, and my Merchant ID is 1085088.

My phone number is also registered with them. Besides these, when I was signing up for a merchant account, I went through ALL the legal verification steps you can imagine.

You will have all of these details on the payment receipt you’ll get from BlueSnap.

They’re a PCI and DSS (The Payment Card Industry (PCI) Data Security Standard (DSS)) compliant company. My website must have a yearly PCI audit to maintain registration with them.

Finally, they process all of your card data. I only receive payments.