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I provide custom essay writing services to a number of areas such as education, nursing, business management, marketing, nursing informatics, literature, history, special education, consumer behavior, interface design, social behavior, psychology, clinical psychology, socioeconomic area, and you name it. I am there for you!

Writing has been my passion since my college days, something I discovered a bit later in life, around 2005 and 2006. I came to the global market in around 2007 working for a company that taught me a number of professional skills besides writing, and research became my second go-to passion.

That led me to advance my education further for a pure research degree in applies linguistics. This established my position as a freelance academic writer and my client pool started increasing because of increased trust that came with high-quality custom writing and research.

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    One of the major drawbacks of online companies that I frequently noticed was the many layers of communication between the writer and the student. This often led to miscommunication, missed deadlines, and regret on both sides. This is why I started working as an independent academic writer so that with improved communication and quick response I can effectively improve my communication which is the most important part of my business.

    My personal-growth, however, has not stopped to this day. I have earned my MS in research and pursuing my PhD in the same field. Besides academic growth, I have also been on the look for new modalities in the broader research context so that I can assist my clients better than before. This led me master a number of skills and get working knowledge of the ones I think are out of my talent.

    Python computer programming for social science, healthcare, and business is an emerging area because it allows you to research data digitally available, i.e., over the websites, blogs, and more importantly, on microblogs such as Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and Reddit (to name a few). I have taken my skills of python programming to a level that I can assist you do your research from this fresh perspective researching and studying digital attitude.

    Meeting deadlines is the most important thing I live, work, and die for. Yes, I guarantee that I will meet your deadline because it governs your academic career. Here I would like to share with you about how I ensure meeting deadlines. I mark all the orders on my planner, never take too many orders, and continue to monitor my progress against the goals that I set for each order. However, since I am human being, there may be times I might need an extension, and for that I am always in communication with my clients, and everything is done with mutual trust and understanding.